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What is Modihealth Vision?
To work as a true partner with our clients ....... understand their needs...... and work out efficient and effective recruitment solutions.
What makes Modihealth different from other recruitment agencies?

Excellent resources and services   The entire process of education/training/application for examinations, credentialing, issuance of visa is taken care of by Modihealth. You have to have the commitment and desire to go to USA

Reliability   We have a proven track record and have recruited hundreds of nurses for some of the best hospitals in USA

Reputation   We have partnerships with some of the finest hospitals in the USA, which offer fantastic benefits and salaries

Quick processing   Competent immigration attorneys make sure that your visa is filed correctly and quickly

What are your minimum requirements?
You should have a Degree or Diploma in Nursing from a recognised institution, a valid registration/license in your home country and be currently employed
How long will the process take for me to reach the United States?
If you have a CGFNS Certificate, it will take 9-12 months
What are your charges?
Modi does not charge any fees for placement, recruitment, processing nor do we deduct any money from your salary after you reach USA
Who handles my visa processing paperwork?
The immigration attorney in consultation with your employer and Modihealth
Will my family be able to come to the US with me?
Your spouse and dependent children below the age of 21 go with you. They will have to complete immigration forms and formalities and attend the consular interview with you
What is CGFNS?
The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools ensures that nurses educated outside the US are qualified and eligible to meet the licensure and practice requirements in the US. The CGFNS Certification is given to you after you have successfully passed the CGFNS exam and have a passing score on IELTS and your education and registration credentials have been reviewed.
What is the NCLEX-RN exam?
The National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) is the US registered nurse licensing exam and has to be taken by all nurses who want to practice in the USA
What is Credentials Evaluation Service?
The Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) evaluates the education and licensure earned out side the United States
What is the IELTS exam?
IELTS exam tests the English language skills which are required by students when studying and training in the medium of English. There is an option of General and Academic test and the Listening and Speaking modules are the same for both. Nurses who plan to work in USA have to take the Academic version and acquire 6.5 overall with 7 in the spoken band.
What is the Visa Screen Certificate?
Visa Screen certifies that the nursing education you received in your home country is equivalent to nursing education in the USA and that your English language skills are acceptable. The Visa Screen Certificate is required by the consular office at the time of visa interview.
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