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" All of the candidates have shown great benefit from your 'Bridge Program' and were able to perform to a high level compared to candidates that I have seen elsewhere. Continuation of this work will develop candidates that will be well prepared for work and life in England."

Paul Hanke
Managing Director Pertemps UK

"I am Impressed with the Educational Component that Modi Healthcare offers to the Indian Nurses.
The Nurses who had trained at Modi were very much to our standard... making it easy for us to select them."

Paula Bradney
Regional Director
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"..always felt welcome and taken care of, be it at the numerous formalities which were always quite stringent, or be it the whole-hearted expertise of the teachers in helping me to pass successfully all the required exams."  

Grace Paul
Thunderbird Medical Center

"Many nurses should get an opportunity to fulfil their US dream through you."

Lisy Jose
Good Samaritan Medical Center

"..these nurses are possibly the nicest people I have ever met. The nurses come to work every day ready to learn, they have big smiles and great attitudes."

Clinical Manager
Estrella Medical Center

"..the whole process was totally transparent. "

Jema Sabu
Baywood Medical Center

"...to fulfil the dreams of USA, the best option is Modi. "

Joyce K. George
Baywood Medical Center

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