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What is Modi Healthcare's Mission
To work as a true partner with our clients ....... understand their needs...... and work out efficient and effective healthcare staffing solutions.
How is Modi Healthcare different from other recruitment agencies

Proven track record   We have successfully recruited hundreds of nurses from India for our satisfied clients in UK/USA

Successful partnerships with US corporations and healthcare organisations   Our understanding of the Indian healthcare system and culture and exposure to living and working in the USA puts us in the unique position of appreciating both.

One of India's best known corporate houses   Have a vast network of resources across India to procure and train nurses so there is a constant supply for you to select from

A fully-licensed RN ready to work in USA   We provide comprehensive services which include screening, recruitment, certification, licensing, orientation. By the time the nurse leaves for USA, she is fully licensed to practice and has undergone an intensive acculturation program.

Satisfied customers   Our satisfied clients include Banner Health Systems USA and HCA, UK

Keeping our commitments   We guarantee timely delivery of a US-licensed nurse

Training and Education Pillars   Our curriculum has been developed by American RNs and our Academic Team is headed by an American RN.

Success Rate in Exams   Our unique curriculum and methodology assures our nurses of close to 100% rate of success in the first attempt

Ethical Recruitment   Recruitment process is transparent for both nurse and employer and you are able to view the status of your nurse anytime
How do I find nurses from so far away?
The Modi Healthcare Enrolment team does this for you. We source nurses from all regions of India, throughout the year. This is done through partnerships with training institutes, press advertisements, word of mouth, seminars and enrolment fairs. We have a constant supply of nursing candidates aspiring to work in the USA
How will I interview a candidate in India which is so far away?
Modi Healthcare will provide you with resumes and skills checklists of screened and qualified candidates. Interviews can be conducted via video-conference, telephone or face to face, depending on the number of candidates you would like to interview.
What are the qualifications you require from your nurse candidates?
Modi nurse candidates have either a Bachelors Degree or a Diploma in Nursing and are Registered Nurses in India. All of them are currently employed in large hospitals. They have been screened for fluency in spoken and written English. Modi also requires each nurse candidate to have

Current Skills Checklist
Two current professional references
Previous employment history
Hepatitis B Series or Declination
Negative TB Result or CXR within 1 year
Varicella Vaccination or Hx
Rubella Immunization or Titer
How do I know the candidates credentials are genuine?
The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools ensures that nurses educated in countries other than the USA are eligible and qualified to meet the licensure and practice requirements of the USA. Modi nurses will have a CGFNS Certification or their Credentials will be duly verified by CGFNS.
Which visa is available for Indian nurses seeking to work in the USA?
Nurses from India can live and work in the USA permanently with an Employment Based Third Preference Visa (EB-3).
How long will it take for Modi nurses to arrive in the USA and start work?
After the US employer sponsors a nurse for the Visa, the nurse can be expected to arrive in the US in 9-12 months.
Who will handle the immigration paperwork?
The choice of immigration attorney is critical to the smooth processing of the Visa. Some of our clients prefer to file the visas through their own immigration attorneys. Or Modi Healthcare can arrange to do this for you.
How many nurses should we hire?
Based on the fact that it will take about 12 months for the nurse to arrive in the US and start working, you should hire about 30% of your current and historical FTEs. It is important to plan ahead for imminent retirements also.
Can the nurse seek employment elsewhere after arrival in the USA?
Provided that you pay the prevailing wage for full-time employment for a stated term of employment, the nurse is obligated to work for you. Our clients usually require the nurse to sign a two or three year nurse employment agreement in exchange for assistance with costs related to various stages of the process. If the nurse wants to leave prior to completion of term, the contract needs to be bought out by the nurse.
What will a Modi nurse cost us?
Replacing 20 Travel/Registry nurses can save you $1.8 million over a 2-year period. Call us to find out more about our pricing.
What does Modi charge the nurse?
Modi does not charge the nurse any fee for either processing or service. This assures our clients of a completely ethical and transparent recruitment process.
How much do you charge for your services?
Rates can vary according to the expenses incurred on services being provided by Modi
How do I find out more about your services?
Contact us or email us at recruitment@modihealth.com
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