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The Modi Healthcare Advantage

Modi Healthcare provides hospital clients with nurses who have good communication skills and current clinical experience. All our nurses have completed either a 4-year Bachelor program or a 3-year Diploma in Nursing and have 2 – 5 yrs experience in 200+ bed hospitals.

Why you should chose Modi Healthcare

Other Recruiters

  Modi Healthcare
Sub-contract the recruitment to other parties   Modi Healthcare has direct contracts with U.S. hospitals and nurses are recruited individually from all over India.

Don't have exposure to life and work in both India and USA so are unable to prepare the nurses adequately

  Has first-hand experience and knowledge of both healthcare and living in India and USA and has developed its nurse preparation program accordingly
Emphasise only on passing of exams   Ensures that the nurse is well-oriented culturally as well as clinically to rise to the challenge of assimilating into the US hospital culture

Do not guarantee deliveries   Ensures both delivery and satisfaction


1. What sets Modi Healthcare apart from the others   Presence all across India
With offices and group companies all over India and a round-the-year screening and recruitment, our client is assured of a steady supply of skilled nurses

2. Stringent Screening Process
  The parameters for selection are stringent to ensure that our clients get the finest and most loyal nurses. About one in ten nurses who attend our Screening finally qualifies for admission into our program. These nurses are carefully selected and will continue to remain an asset to our client for many years.

3. Hand-picked faculty   To ensure that Modi nurses have the most result-oriented training available, our Training Cell is headed by an American RN, Each faculty member is carefully chosen to deliver the best.

4. Corporate Resources   Being a part of the US $2.4 billion Modi Group, the latest and best resources are made available to everyone who is a part of the process

5. One-Stop Solution   From procurement to US-licensing, we manage the entire process including screening, certification, orientation, licensing
Cost / Benefit Analysis of International Nurse Recruitment

Replacing 20 Registry Nurses can Save $ 1.8 million!

International nurse recruitment is one of the most cost effective methods for meeting your ongoing staffing needs. As the nursing shortage becomes more severe, many medical centers are turning to travel nurses and/or local registry nurses to meet their growing demand. The following analysis will demonstrate how these methods are far more costly than developing an effective international nurse recruitment program.

  Expense Travel Nurse Registry Nurse International Recruited Nurse
Rate/Salary/Hr   $50.00 $55.00 $22.00
EE Benefits       8
Agency Fee       3.85
Immigration       0.75
Relocation Package       2
TOTAL HOURLY   $50.00 $55.00 $36.60
TOTAL DAILY   $400.00 $440.00 $292.80
TOTAL ANNUAL   $104,000 $114,400 $76,128
FIRST YEAR SAVINGS: $27,872 to $38,272 per nurse  
SECOND YEAR SAVINGS: $41,600 to $52,000 per nurse  
REPLACING 20 NURSES SAVES:   $1,389,440 to $1,805,440  

Full Service Solution

Our experience shows Direct Hire is the best option and we offer the full range of services.

Direct Hires:

Long term Solutions - 2 - 3  years contract
Salient Points
  • One time fee per nurse hired - in this there are options based on what services the client picks up.
  • Nurse receives payroll and benefits from client
MHP Responsibilities
All recruitment, training, exams and Visa related costs including
  • Advertisements
  • Initial Screening and Selection
  • Criminal checks
  • Comprehensive Medical Tests
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • License Registry Checks
  • Preparation courses for CGFNS,IELTS,NCLEX
  • Nursing school transcript / License validation forwarding fees
  • Examination costs - CGFNS, IELTS, NCLEX
  • CES fee ( if required )
  • State Nursing Board License Fee
  • Visa Screen Certificate
  • Accent Reduction and Cross Cultural Orientation classes
  • Miscellaneous fees related to forwarding scores, documentation, courier etc.
Two options with varying fee structures are possible with the difference in fees related to additional responsibilities taken by MHP

From its pool, MHP will put up nurses with required profiles for interview and selection by the client. All expenses related to coaching, credential evaluations for IELTS, CGFNS (where required) and NCLEX examinations will be covered. The nurse will be sent to USA with a valid US State Board RN License on an immigrant Visa sponsored by the US client. All costs in India for nurses will be covered.

In addition to covering all recruitment, credential checks and evaluation, training, examination costs as listed above, MHP will also take on the responsibility of arranging an attorney to file for the Immigrant Visa petition and pay for all costs related to obtaining an Immigrant Visa.


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